katiebug9624 (katiebug9624) wrote in panicprincess,

Need Some Help

Just joined livejoural for the first time and this is my first post. I think im having some anxiety or depression problems im just not really sure. in 2006 I got high for the first and only time and had a panic or anxiety attack (not sure which) and for about a month after that I had anxiety when I wasnt in control of situations like riding in a car with someone else for a long period of time or going to the movies but it faded with time and focusing on school and losing weight I was watched what I was eating and exercising every day. But this summer its come back the past 2 months i've had bad anxiety just when im sitting around the house watching tv. And when I go out to restaurants or the movies everything gets really hot around me and i just have to leave. I also just learned this sumemr that my best guy friend is getting married which shocked my system. I went to the doctor to get a referall to a counselor and he prescribed a low dose (.25 mg) of xanax everyday but I know that that drug is really addictive and I dont want to get on something that could be managed differently. I have made an appointment with a counselor. I dont know maybe Im depressed but anyways I was just wondering if anyone has gone threw this also? It might just be me freaking myself out. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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