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panicprincess's Journal

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks Suck
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Imagine....that all of the sudden it was decreed that you would be struck by lightening 3 times a day, every day, for an unspecified amount of time. Each day, however, the lightening bolts would hit you at different times, and you had no clue, and no previous knowledge of when these lightening bolts would strike you.

Not only would you live with the fear and pain of these lightening bolts striking you down, but the constant daily and hourly fear of waiting for the next one to hit. Never knowing, always fearing the next big strike.

That is how we feel, don't we? The lightening bolt is the panic attack, and the waiting is the anxiety! Each day, we fear, we face that fear, and attempt tp make the most of our anxiety, panic, and the misunderstandings of others who just don't get us.

This is the MOD SQUAD.....we conquer anxiety, panic, fear, and just plain mean people who don't get us by being honest, open, loving, supportive, and able to talk about anything and everything that we need to....welcome to our world!

Oh and, unlike a lot of maintainers of communites....I am never gonna snark about anything you post...feel free and have fun!

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